Is It Time To Replace Your Windows?

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Have you turned on your central heating yet?

As we start to leave summer behind the heating gets turned on and the jumpers come out but what do you do when your windows are letting the side down by letting in the cold air?

Here are a few examples of when it might be time to look at installing new uPVC windows.

Wooden Frame Windows with Single Pane Glass
Wooden Frame Windows with Single Pane Glass

Single pane glass windows allow both heat and cold to pass through them causing cold spots in the areas around your windows and making it more expensive to heat as you lose the warm air through the panes. Since they are only one piece of glass, they do almost nothing in the way of noise reduction and often allow rain through as panes become loose.

If you have older wooden frame windows that haven't been regularly maintained, they may shrink in the cold and expand in the heat which prevents them from closing tightly and letting the cold air in. Eventually, your windows won't be able to close at all.

Misted window white uPVC
Misted Window

If you have double glazing and you notice your windows the cavity between the panes. Not only are misted windows unsightly but since the window is compromised,

it means that your energy bills could rise because your heating will need to work harder to mitigate the leak.

So if you have old, ineffective or damaged windows and want to look into replacing them for modern, energy efficient uPVC windows visit

and complete your wish list. We can find you a range of suitable quotes for you to browse at your convenience.